A Good Neighbor is a feature-length documentary about a Latina single mother’s fight against racism and climate change as she campaigns for city council in one of the nation’s most polluted zip codes.

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A Good neighbor

"A Good Neighbor" is a feature-length documentary about a Latina single mom fighting climate change by running for city council in her forgotten neighborhood. 

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 Educational and Institutional Screenings & Sales 

We work with GOOD DOCS on educational distribution for A Good Neighbor. This acclaimed documentary is now available for streaming sales to the following institutions:

● Universities ● Four-Year Colleges ● High Schools ● Community Colleges ● Nonprofits / Community Groups ● For-Profits 

Please visit this website if you're interested in streaming the film. You can also contact GOOD DOCS directly at outreach@gooddocs.net with any questions.

Can I buy this film on Amazon or iTunes and show it to my class, organization or group?
If you want to use this film for an institutional, classroom, group or public screening, please purchase the appropriate license from our educational distributor GOOD DOCS here.

How can I host a screening of A Good Neighbor?
Our distributor GOOD DOCS offers a variety of purchase options depending on how you intend to use the film. Please contact them at outreach@gooddocs.net with any questions. They can help you determine if you need to purchase public performance rights, or a different license type.

Can I buy a temporary streaming for my school/organization/company/library?
Yes, you can find these purchase options and more here.

How much does an educational copy cost?
Visit GOOD DOCS for pricing and more information. 

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A Good Neighbor premiered at the 2023 Colorado Environmental Film Festival. The film was followed by a Q&A with Maggie Hartmans (Director and Producer), Brittany Zampella (Director and Producer), and Lucy Molina (Documentary Subject). 

Co Environmental Film Festival live Q&A panel

panel discussions

Recorded Q&A with A Good Neighbor directors Brittany Zampella and Maggie Hartmans. Moderated by Shawna Crocker. 

co environmental film festival
zoom Panel discussion

One earth collective
film festival preview

Interview with documentary subject, Lucy Molina, in advance of the One Earth Film Festival in Chicago

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Farsighted Creative was founded in 2019 by Maggie Hart and Brittany Zampella, two best friends who couldn’t stop dreaming about making the world a better place through film and music. With 12+ years of industry experience, they’re dedicated to making Good content that is kind to our planet, allowing people to see a more empathetic and hopeful future for us all.

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From eco-friendly production practices on films and music, to creating promotional content for ethical and sustainable brands, Farsighted Creative strives to be an antidote for the wrongs we see in the world.

We are committed to telling meaningful stories that create empathy for today and a hopeful vision for tomorrow.

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